romance with a filthy mind

Twice Tackled

We’re a two-man team, she’s the goal, and we never lose a game…

I may be attending Texas’s biggest football college, but I am not into sports. I’m here to learn and read books, not watch grown men hit each other over a stupid ball.
Of course, that’s before my chance encounter with the two biggest players on the team.
They’re rough, panty-meltingly gorgeous, and totally wrong for me…
And I want them both.

Lifes good at the top. Fame, fortune, woman - we’ve got it all, or at least, everyone tells us we do. But even if we can’t place it, something’s missing.
And then we meet Kerri Larson.
She’s all wrong for us - smart, sassy, not into sports and not remotely interested in the guys who play ‘em.
And that might be exactly what’s so f*cking enticing about her.
Maybe it’s 'cause we love a good challenge, or maybe it’s because we’d love to show her that everything really is bigger in Texas.
The thing is, we’re a two-man team on and off the field…
Game on.

"Twice Tackled" is a quick read (20k novella) involving hot, steamy insta-love with two utterly obsessed alpha heroes. If you love wildly over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and panty-meltingly dirty stories, this one’s for you! HEA mfm with NO CHEATING!