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The gasp caught in her throat, the whimpered moan breathed into my ear. My muscles clenched, hands grabbing her tighter as I pushed deep inside. She moaned louder, fingers sliding up my neck and twisting through my hair as her legs clamped around my waist, urging me on.

I growled into her neck, inhaling the scent of honey and lavender and whatever the fuck it was that’d been driving me wild since the minute she bumped into me — magic pheromones, or voodoo. Whatever it was, it’d had me tripping over my goddamn tongue to taste her since the moment we’d met.

…An entire ten minutes ago.

She cried out, arching into me and hugging me tighter as I pinned her to the bathroom door. Her plaid skirt bunched around her waist, the slutty, too-tight too-short white blouse hanging open, her hard, pale pink nipples grazing across my muscled chest. My hands gripped her ass tight, my teeth grazing across the sensitive skin of her neck. Her softy body undulated into me as I drove deep inside, her soaked panties pushed to the side as the slippery heat between her legs welcomed me in.

No words. No names. No faces — both of ours obscured with the black masks that covered our eyes that the bar had been giving out at the front door. Me, I was dressed as, well, me — dark jeans and a white button-up shirt. The front door guy had asked if I was dressed as a mafia guy. I’d just said “sure.”

The dirty little school girl rocking her hips against me though — shit, that was something else. Short plaid skirt, barely-there white blouse, knee-high socks and heels. The pigtails and the little white cotton panties were the filthy icing on the cake. The fact that I was actually an educator made the whole fantasy that much more completely wrong, but that didn’t change the fact that my cock was harder than a fucking steel rod.

More,” she gasped into my ear, her body tensing against me as her legs pulled me in. I growled as I cupped her jaw with one hand and crushed my lips to hers.

I wasn’t exactly complaining, but this was not how I’d pictured my night going.


It’d been the bachelor party that wasn’t. Or rather, it’d still been a bachelor party — as in, a couple of unmarried guys partying it up, but that was it. There was no “and then he got married” part at the end of the story. No, when the bride-to-be runs off with her massage therapist, weddings have a way of going up in flames like the fucking Hindenburg.

Oh, don’t feel sorry, my buddy had dodged a big fat bullet on this one.

No, it wasn’t me who’d been left with my dick in my hand in favor of a douchebag of a “massage therapist” with a spray tan and frosted tips. It was my best friend, Garret, which is why it’d been Max’s and my duty to take him out tonight — the night that was supposed to be his bachelor party — and get him properly fucked the hell up. The mission had been a roaring success, by the way. We’d been asked to leave two bars, been flat out kicked out of a third, and closed down three more. Max had shouldered on and matched Garret drink for drink. I’d followed at my own pace — after all, I had class in the morning and still had a shitload of papers to grade.

Just because I wasn’t going to get totally fucked up though, it didn’t mean I wasn’t going to be damn sure that I was there for one of my best friends in the world in his hour of need. That’s what the three of us did — we were there for each other, always. Always had been, always would be. We’d grown up basically as brothers — when my parents got taken out by a drunk asshole in an Chevy, it’d been Max’s parents — their best friends — who took me in. Garret lived next door with his mom, and the three of us had been thick as thieves.

Life had taken us a few different places — me to Wall Street and now academia, Garret to the Navy and now teaching at Gilman College with me. And Max — the skinny kid with the nosebleeds who’d somehow grown up to go first round draft in the NFL and killed it for four seasons before a knee injury took him out.

Max had already cabbed it back to my place with a completely wasted Garret, but I’d driven my own car. I’d kept my own drinking at a pretty moderate pace most of the night, so I was fine to drive. For whatever reason that night, I took the long way back, and swung by Lake Drive on the way home. I still have no idea why — maybe I just wanted to look out over the water that night. Maybe I just wanted one drink alone before heading home. Maybe I was thirty-five and trying to figure out what the fuck I was doing with my life.

I mean, I was still young, relatively speaking, gainfully employed doing what I loved which was teaching finance. I had a ton of cash saved up from my Wall Street days, I was single, and I kept in great shape. And yet, there hadn’t been a woman in, fuck, I don’t even know how long. It just hadn’t interested me. No woman had really grabbed my attention in a long ass time.

Lake Drive was relatively quiet that night, even though a couple of sports bars and a few rows of popular apartments for upperclassman made it a hot spot for the college crowd. But there was also Rory’s, which had been my spot for years, and always had an older-enough crowd and a un-hip enough vibe to keep the college masses away.

Well, except for that night. That night, I walked up to something between mardi gras and a comic-con spilling out of Rory’s all over the sidewalk. I’d scowled when Sean, the bouncer, had shrugged sympathetically at me and the huge crowd of college kids behind.

“Did I somehow not know it’s Halloween?” I’d growled.

“Nah, just a costume party,” Sean had grumbled right back, passing me a mask. “And they’ve got drink specials tonight. Owners wanted to try something new I guess.”


But fuck it, I was already there. And the crowd really wasn’t that bad. Minimal “frat bros,” and as much as I’d like to claim it, a saint I am not, and the sheer amount of barely-there costumes and co-ed skin on display was certainly better than the usual crowd of drunks.

Nothing wrong with looking, I told myself, slipping the mask Sean had given me on as I grabbed a whiskey from the bartender.

Nothing wrong with looking.

That is, until I didn’t look, turned sharply, and bumped right into her.


I swore as the whiskey dumped against my shirt, but as the girl tumbled into my arms, suddenly, I didn’t give a shit about my spilled drink. My arms circled her small, tight little body on instinct, the glass shattering to the ground at our feet. Dark chestnut hair spilled against my chest, the scent of her filling my senses and suddenly sending me reeling, every muscle in my body tensing as the smell of her fucking hooked me. She gasped as she looked into my face, and I damn near lost myself in those big blue piercingly gorgeous eyes behind the mask.

Dark brown hair, lithe figure, legs for fuckin days under the tiny, flirty little schoolgirl skirt. She blinked quickly, her cheeks flushed red and pouty soft lips parted.

“Sorry,” she breathed, her chest rising and falling under her skimpy little top.

“Didn’t see you.” I grumbled.

Her hands gripped my arms tight through my shirt, and her fingers tightened as she glanced behind her through the crowd, her brow wrinkling with worry. My own brow furrowed as I recognized the fear in her eyes.

“Hey, are you okay—”

She whirled back, looked me right in the eye, and before I could say a damn thing, she’d thrown her arms around my neck, leaned up, and fuckin’ kissed me.

Maybe a better man would’ve not kissed her back. Maybe a man thinking with the right head would have stopped, realized he was a professor at the local college in a bar full of college students, and put two-and-two together to get “bad fucking idea.” But like I said, I was hooked the second she crashed into me. I was addicted from the moment I smelled her shampoo, or pheromones, or whatever the fuck it was that’d clawed its way under my skin and wasn’t letting go.

I didn’t pull back. I didn’t tell her no. I didn’t walk away.

I fucking kissed her back. Hard. Hard enough that I think I surprised her, her gasp trembling into my lips as my hands slid around her body and yanked her into me. The crowds swirled around us in the dark of the bar, but to me, the rest of the world faded away when I tasted those lips.

Slowly, she opened her lips for my tongue, moaning quietly as I claimed her mouth. She kissed me back, her body slowly melting into mine and her fingers tightening on my shirt sleeves. The blood roared through my ears, and my cock throbbed rock hard, tenting my jeans as I pulled her against me. This was nothing like me, and not at all the way I operated. But like I said, something about her had me fucking hooked.

I yanked her into my arms, my hands dropping down to that sweet little ass and grabbing it like it was mine. She whimpered as I pulled her up into me, her legs going around my waist and her body trembling against mine as I pushed the crowd out of the way. I didn’t even stop kissing her as I stormed down the back hallway of the place, or when I kicked open one of the bathroom doors to find two girls dressed like mermaids doing coke off the bathroom sink.

Out,” I barked, glaring at them. “Now.”

The door had barely closed behind them before I’d slammed my mystery girl up against it, crushing my lips to hers and swallowing her moans as I moved against her.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” I growled into her lips, spreading her legs around my waist and grinding into her, letting her feel exactly how fucking hard I was.

She whimpered, kissing me hard as her hands dropped to my belt, yanking it open.

“Isn’t it more fun without names?”

I groaned as she opened my jeans, her hands sliding inside.

“Careful, little girl,” I growled. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you to watch out for strangers?”

“Maybe she didn’t warn me about ones that kissed like you.”

Her hands pushed inside my jeans and my boxers, and when her fingers curled around my thick cock, she moaned into my lips.

Fuck, I knew it was a bad idea. I knew with that crowd that night, the chances of her being a student at Gilman were real good. But when my lips seared to hers again, and when I swallowed those sweet, soft moans and felt her body hungrily wrap around me, I knew it was a lost cause. I knew I was a lost cause, when it came to her.

My jeans dropped to my feet, my hands tearing open her blouse as I eased against her. I hooked her little panties to the side, our tongues swirling together as I pushed the swollen head of my cock against her slick opening.

“Last chance to say no, baby,” I growled, every muscle in my body tensed and my cock pulsing as it leaked pre-cum over her lips.

I knew she was running from something. Hell, I knew I was, in a sense. I knew this whole thing was bad fucking news. But she just shook her head, one finger raising to press against my lips as her eyes blazed with raw heat.

Fuck me,” she whispered, trying so hard to sound casual and sexy, but not doing a very good job of hiding the trembling innocence in her voice.

Last chance gone. I’d given her the out, and now, she was going to be mine. My lips crushed to hers, my my hips pushed forward, and she moaned into my lips as I slowly drove every thick inch of my cock deep inside her velvety soft, slick little cunt.

She rocked against me, legs clamped around my waist as I pinned her to the door and started to fuck her. We clawed and kissed at each other fiercely, going hard and fast, my cock plunging inside her tight little pussy again and again. Soft, mewling little cries of pleasure fell from her lips, her hands clawing at my back as I drove into her hard and fast.

We moved faster, and slammed together harder. This was raw, animalistic, frantic fucking, and I could feel every single cell in my body craving even more of her. I kissed her like I wanted to possess her, grabbed her like she was already mine, and fucked her like I never wanted her to forget the feel of me filling her up.

No words. No names. No faces. But I knew just from the sounds of her moans when she was close. I kissed her hard, slamming her against the door as I drove my cock to the hilt inside of her until I felt her fucking explode around me.

She screamed into my mouth, her hands clawing at my shoulders and my chest and her legs locking around me as she came. I groaned, tasting the moans from her lips as I felt my cock throb deep inside, crashing into her until we came to a gasping stop.

Slowly, I pulled free of her, slipping her panties back into place and groaning hungrily at the thought of my cum filling them. I set her down on shaky legs, watching the way she took a deep breath and smoothed her skirt down, her face flushed as she re-buttoned her blouse.

“I, uh...” She bit her lip looking up at me like she wanted to say something. Fuck there was so much I wanted to say too — that what’d just happened had been the hottest, most explosive sex of my entire life. That nothing in this world had ever felt so real, and so totally and completely good, and like it completed a part of me I didn’t even know was missing before.

But she shut her perfect, soft lips and shook her head, and the moment was gone.

“No names, huh?”

“Someone told me it’d be more fun that way,” I growled, pulling her close and leaning down to kiss her. She moaned into my lips, draping her arms over my shoulders until a pounding on the door shook us from it.

“People are waiting to pee out here!” A girl’s voice screeched through the door over the music.

“Guess we should go.”

“Guess so,” I said tightly, my jaw clenched and my anger rising at the idea of letting her walk away from me. I was a big boy, I knew what random, no-strings sex was.

…That had not been random, and there sure as fuck were strings.

“Nice to meet you,” she said quietly. She leaned up, pecked me on the cheek. Then she whirled, yanked the door open, and slipped out.

I was still standing there, blinking, shaking my head, and trying to figure out what the hell had just happened when one of the mermaid chicks burst back in, screeching at me to get out of the girls room.


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