romance with a filthy mind

Trick And Treat

Tonight's the night we take what's ours. Tonight, she's going to have a Halloween she'll never forget...

We've waited patiently. We've planned this for months, down to the finest detail. And tonight, our patience will be rewarded. Because tonight, we're done waiting patiently.

College sorority girl, steel-fortune heiress, and all-around tease. We've watched Annabella for months, and our obsession has only grown into pure, untamed hunger.

Years ago, her father nearly destroyed us, but tonight, we'll be settling that debt. Tonight, this pampered little rich girl is going to be ours.

Forget ghosts, goblins, and horror-movie monsters. There are way worse things stalking her tonight - things like us.

Trick or treat, trick or treat, tonight she'll give us something sweet to eat.

...She just has no idea yet.

Hot, wild, dark, and scary! If you love it quick and dirty and with a side helping of wrong, this one’s for you! This book contains mfm themes, though it's all about her - no m/m! This book also contains themes that might be triggering to some readers. But, if you're brave enough to get through it, I promise there'll be a treat for you at the end! HEA with NO CHEATING!