romance with a filthy mind


Unwrapping His Mountain Package

Unwrapping His Mountain Package


Big truck, hard abs, filthy mouth, and dominant af.
The toughest new alpha on the mountain’s got a very huge package. 
And this Christmas, it’s all for one lucky lady…

Outlaw. Soldier. Villain. Hero. Smuggler for the mob. I’m whatever the highest bidder needs me to be, and I don’t ask questions.

That is, until a freak avalanche sends me crashing over a cliff up on Blackthorn Mountain, and I find out what—orwho—I’m really carrying.

She’s innocent and tempting—the blonde and beautiful little captive I didn’t even know I had. Legs for days, curves that beg for my rough hands, and a sassy spitfire attitude that gets my pulse roaring.

The mountain blizzard has us trapped. Just the two of us in an abandoned cabin, on Christmas Eve, with nothing but our body heat to keep warm. I know she’s off-limits. I know the mob boss who’s paying me wants to sell her to settle a debt. But once I’ve had a taste of Holly, there ain’t no way I’m letting that happen.

She came to me by accident. ButIfound her.Iunwrapped her. I made hermine.

The storm wants to bury us. The mob wants to take her from me.

But she’s my Christmas miracle. She’s my pretty little present, and I’m going to unwrap every inch of her with myteeth.

She was never meant for me. But now, I’m keeping herall to myself.

This is a standalone story. The books in the Blackthorn Mountain Men series can be read in any order.

Looking to heat the holidays up? Grab some cocoa, get cozy, and get ready for all sorts of warm, fuzzy, and hot af.

A totally obsessed alpha outlaw, a sassy stowaway, the mob…just a typical Christmas on Blackthorn Mountain. Hang on tight ;).

As with my all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating and a HEA guaranteed.

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