romance with a filthy mind





We’ve made a list, and we’ve checked it, twice
And she’s about to find out what happens to bad girls tonight.
We’ll deck her halls with more than holly
This Christmas Eve, we want her nice and naughty.

They call us ruthless, and cruel. Filthy rich beyond belief, dominant beyond compare, and we run our company with iron fists.

It’s the night before Christmas, but all isnotcalm. And all sure as h*ll ain’t right or bright. See, someone’s been skimming from the company piggy-bank, and selling secrets to our rivals.

Not just anyone though.Her.

Noelle Healy. The new hire. The innocently tempting, forbidden littleteasewho’s been driving us insane in our need to have her.

…and wewillhave her.

Dark hair, wild, fierce eyes, and just enough sass in those pouty lips and curvy hips to drive a man wild. Ortwoof them.

But someone’s been a bad,badgirl this year, and she’s about to find her stocking stuffed with two somethingsmuchharder than coal. We’ve got some heavy bells for her to jingle, and enough mistletoe to last all night.

Christmas might come but once a year, but the two of us arefarmore frequent than that. And Noelle’s about to unwrap a bah-humbugging she’ll never forget.

The "nice" list? Psssh. Please. We both know the naughty list is much more fun ;). So double-down, get a little wild, and get ready to indulge yourself in some seriously over-the-top, totally unrealistic fantasy at it's finest. Light a fire, grab a candy cane (or two), and let's put a little extra jingle in your bells this holiday season ;).

This mfm romance is ALL about her - no m/m. As with all my books, this standalone novella has no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.

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