romance with a filthy mind





I’m going to be her first - no matter what.

She’s supposed to be untouchable. But I’ve had a taste of the forbidden fruit, and now I just wantmore...

She’s the girl from my freshman lecture - my perfect, straight-A pupil and the one I shouldn’t even be looking at much less having these kind of thoughts about. No woman has ever made me feel this way, like I’m going out of my mind with raw need for her. I know the rules, and I know she’s half my age, but I don’t give af*ck.

Because I’m goingclaimher. I’m gonna be her first, and I’m going to take her until everyone knows she’s MINE.

This book contains a hot, dirty, single-minded and over the top alpha hero with a HEA and NO CHEATING!

**Please note: This is aSECOND EDITIONof a previously published book of the same title. This 2nd edition includes additional chapters, steamy scenes, and updates to improve new reader enjoyment.**

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