romance with a filthy mind


Doctor O-Maker

Doctor O-Maker


No "O"? Come and meet your cure.

He’s gorgeous, dominant, panty-meltingly hot, and looks at me like he wants to tear my clothes off and fulfill every single filthy fantasy I’ve ever had.

The only problem? He’s mydoctor. Oops.

I’m seeing him to fix “my problem” – my big “no O” problem. Yeah, you see, I’ve never had one – no grand finale, no big b*ng, no happy ending.


Doctor Aiden Owenson – “DoctorO” – is supposedly the man who can help, but I’ve got my reservations.

That is, until he puts his hands on me. Until he looks at me like he wants to devour me. Until he tells me I’mhis, and his alone.

I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to fall for your doctor.

I’m pretty sure yourdoctorisn’t supposed to examine you inhis bed, across his desk, and while you’re screaming his name.

I’m pretty sure we’re breaking every rule, and I’m pretty sure Idon’t care.

Doctor O is supposed to show me the O. Now the only problem is, I never want him tostop.

Warning: side effects may include fever, elevated heart rate, sweating, and chronic page-turningfarpast your bed time. Steaming hot insta-love, an over-the-top dominant alpha hero, and fantasy runcompletelyamok. But something tells me, you knowexactlywhat this dirty little book is about ;). Safe, no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.

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