romance with a filthy mind


Doctor Babymaker

Doctor Babymaker


The doctor is in. Every inch of him…

I’m the youngest, brightest, and most hotshot medical director the fertility clinic’s ever seen.Nothinggets between me and my job, until Ada Chase walks in.

I’m not supposed to touch her, at least, not in the way I want to. She’s off limits in so many ways. Too rich. Too innocent. Too never-been-touched.

…Too muchmy patient.

The sheltered young heiress is in my office so her rich, sh*tty family can see if she’s capable of bearing children. And I’m supposed toexamineher – every inch of her sweet, tempting body – to check.

But I’vewanted hersince the instant I laid eyes on her, and now I’m obsessed, possessed, and driven like I’ve never been before.

First, I’m going to make her beg.

Second, I’ll make her mine.

And third? Well, third is the best part.

Third is me putting ababyin that soft young belly. And after that, I’ll steal her away fromallof this. F**k the medical code of conduct, forget professionalism, and d*mn the consequences.

Oh, Ada can bear children alright.

…so long as they’remine.

I know what you’re thinking – this sounds like dirty, filthy doctor-fantasy smut. And if you’re thinking that, the good news is, you’reentirelycorrect ;). This book is hot and heavy insta-love and lust at it’s finest, with a dominant alpha herocompletelyobsessed with claiming and making babies with his untouched heroine. Safe, no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.
The doctor willsee youtake younow…

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