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Hard Core

Dirty Bad Things: Book 1

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Her moan fills my mouth, and when I swallow it down, my whole body comes alive. Blood roars through my veins — thundering in my ears and making my cock throb hard as stone against her small body. She trembles when she feels it, and I can damn well feel the shiver of heat that ripples through her body.

There's a beast inside of me, and a war that wages with it. One part of me — the animal part — wants to tear away the flimsy lingerie she wears and feast on her body. I want to devour her innocence, and make her scream in ways no man ever has. I want to bury my cock so far inside of her that I imprint the feel of me on her soul — so deep that she never forgets this. I want to feel that tight, untouched little cunt grip my cock so tight as I claim her all for myself.

Rose. My Rose.

I've tasted her. I've made her come, something no man besides me has ever done. I've felt that sweet little mouth wrapped so tight around my cock as she begs me for my cum.

But never this — never what's about to happen.

My hands move over her skin, and I circle my arms around her, pulling her into and against me. She melts her small body against my much bigger frame, the heat of her skin searing into my bare chest, and her chestnut hair teasing against my chin. She tilts her head up, and her soft, pouty pink lips tremble as those big blue eyes meet mine. I lean down, sear my lips to hers, and I fucking drown in that kiss.

This shouldn't be a war at all. There shouldn't be a second’s hesitation before I pull her red lacy panties to the sides, ease my dick against her slippery, pink pussy, and bury every inch inside. There's shouldn't be a single reason for me not to spread those legs as wide as they'll go, taste the honeyed cries from her lips, and plunge myself right through her innocence until I fill her womb with every fucking drop of my cum.

But, there is a reason. And there is a hesitation. It's not her youth, or her innocence, or that a broken man like me has no business being anywhere near a sweet angel like this. No, I've made peace with those things. And it's not that I don't want to be the one to take the one thing from her she can never give twice, because no sane, red-blooded man would or could say no to this, or to her.

"Take her bra off."

The voice shatters the little world we've curled ourselves into. The rage sears through me like a blinding fire, and I growl as I turn towards the speaker, and the lights, and the rest of them standing there.

Oh, and the camera.

…Yeah, this is my hesitation. This is the reason I'm somehow holding back from claiming her with everything I have.

"Well? What's the fucking hold-up?" Nico Moretti smiles that fucking rat-like grin of his, and it takes everything I have not to stride right over and knock his fucking teeth in. I feel Rose tremble against me, her smooth skin prickling to goosebumps against me, and the rage inside of me flares hotter.

He shouldn't be here. None of them should be here. And that fucking camera sure as shit shouldn't be here. In a perfect world, this should be just her and me, alone. In a perfect word, I go slow, and take my time, and make this something incredible for her. In a perfect world, pulling the rest of her clothes away and baring that sweet, innocent body would be for my eyes and my eyes only.

Not theirs. Not Nico's. Not for the fucking camera, so he can sell it to the kind of people who'll pay money for something like this. But, this sure as fuck ain't a perfect world, and the fact remains that they are here. Nico is here. And the camera is recording this.

She doesn't deserve this. I'd say I don't either, but I know that's debatable. But whatever hell and whatever damnation I've brought on myself in this life, she doesn't deserve to be a part of it. She's too sweet, and too pure. She's too good for a man like me, and she's certainly too good to have her innocence stripped away from her on camera like this.

"I'm gonna ask you one more time, fuck-o," Nico spits, taking a long drag of his cigarette. "And don't try and tell me you can't rise to the occasion, because I can see that fuckin' horse cock from over here."

There are snickers from the shadowy faces behind the camera, and Rose pulls tighter into me. My arms flex and tighten, my large frame curling around hers to shield her from these fucking jackals, and from the prying, poisonous lens of the camera.

"There's no problem," I hiss over my shoulder at them, my eyes flashing as I glare daggers right through Nico's face. "Just back the fuck off."

Nico doesn't blink as he takes another slow drag from the cig, the smoke curling in the hot spotlight glare of the lights.

"Take her fucking panties off, spread those pretty legs, smile for the fucking camera, and stick your big dick in her." He jabs the air between us with his cigarette. "You're gonna fuck her, right here, and right now. And if you don't, I'm gonna have to show you how it's done myself."

I snap.

I'm barely aware of the roar bellowing from my throat, and I'm about to charge right over and smash Nico's head through a wall, when suddenly, her soft hand stops me.


I stop, my pulse thundering in my veins and the fire roaring behind my eyes. Her touch soothes me. Her touch sends something through me that stops me and calms the beast inside. I narrow my eyes at the grinning, smug-looking mob captain before I turn back, pulling her into me again.

"I need you to fuck me."

Her voice is so soft and so pure, and there's something so wrong about that word leaving those lips. So wrong that it makes my cock throb, God help me.


"Please," she begs quietly, her brow worrying. Her hand slips between us, and I groan as I feel her finger curl around my cock.

I know what she's doing. I know there's no way in hell this is how she imagined her first time would be, but we both know what's at stake here. Even if every single part of me hates that this is how this will happen for her, I know the alternative is worse. They'll hurt the ones she loves. And fuck, they'd film this anyways, except it wouldn't be with me. The thought makes my blood turn to fire in my veins, but as her small hands stroke my thick length through my boxer briefs, and as her tongue darts out to wet those soft pink lips, that fire turns to lust.

"Please fuck me." She says it so sweetly, and with so much innocence that my goddamn cock throbs in her little hand.

"Fuck me, Dylan,” she whispers in a husky, thick voice. She drags her teeth over her pouty bottom lip. "I want it to be you," she says softly.

"Jesus Christ, are we good here or what?"

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, drowning out Nico's voice as Rose melts into me. Her lips brush mine, her hand strokes my thick cock, her tight, soft body presses to mine, and the last of my resolve shatters.

I swallow, I open my eyes, and I look right into hers as I slowly nod.

"Good." Nico claps his hands. "Now, let's make a porno, shall we?"